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How often does the air filter change?


Air filter is what we often say "air filter", the replacement of air filter is a very basic maintenance project. There is no absolute standard for different car replacement cycles, because it depends on the amount of dust and impurities that air filters absorb. The same is an air cleaner in a long running on the highway vehicle, it can use 30 thousand kilometers or even longer before a replacement; and for a total shuttle between rural and off-road vehicles, it may be replaced within two months. Of course, these two situations are extreme, for ordinary urban vehicles, every year or every 2 kilometers to replace the air filter is more appropriate.

Of course, the time or mileage of the vehicle, these are only reference values, and ultimately determine whether the air filter needs to be replaced is the factor: whether it has been unable to let enough air through. Air filters make sure to filter out impurities in the air and allow enough air to enter the engine.

It is important to note that the air filter that works for a period of time is more efficient than the new air filter. This is because the air filter has absorbed the impurities that can help it to capture more tiny dust. Eventually, the air filter will affect the engine's operation because of accumulating too much dust. At this point, the fuel economy, power and emissions will gradually deteriorate, until you change a new air filter.

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