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How to select hydraulic oil filter and judge the performance index of the filter


1. Filtration accuracy:

The cleanliness level of the stain is determined according to the requirements of the hydraulic system, and the filtering accuracy of the oil filter is selected according to the schedule in accordance with the cleanliness grade. The main criteria for evaluation of hydraulic oil filter according to ISO4527-1981E (multiple experiments) determination of beta value, that mixed with standard experimental powder oil repeatedly through the oil filter, the number of particles on both sides of the oil inlet and the oil outlet ratio.

2. flow characteristics:

The filter through the oil flow and pressure drop is an important parameter of flow characteristics, flow characteristics test according to ISO3968-91 standard, to draw the flow pressure drop curve, rated oil pressure, total pressure (pressure drop and filter and filter shell) in general should be less than 0.2Mpa.

3. filter strength:

The rupture resistance test should be carried out according to the ISO2941-83 standard. The pressure difference caused by the sharp decrease of the filter element damage shall be greater than the prescribed value.

4. flow fatigue characteristics:

The fatigue test of 100 thousand cycles should be carried out according to ISO3724 - 90 standard.

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