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What material is used for automotive oil filter?


Now, the oil filter is made of paper type, the filter element is specially treated paper, and the filter paper is usually processed by resin.

Replacement steps

1. preheat the engine

2. open the engine and fill the oil port cover.

3. lift the vehicle, then unload the engine guard plate, remove the oil drain screw of the oil pan, and release the old oil

4. put down the vehicle and remove the old oil filter.

5. new oil filter will be opened, the new oil amount onto the sealing ring, with a clean cloth to clean the filter with parts of the oil and dirt, screw on the new filter, and oil filter wrench with a proper tightening torque, the new filter and clean appearance and binding site.

6. spin off oil screw, put down the vehicle, add new oil, check the oil level, start the car idle speed, medium speed run for a while, during which pay attention to observe the oil filter oil leakage, after all normal completion of the job.

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