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The principle of air filter


The principle of air filter equipment is mainly from the following aspects:

Air filter is the core equipment of air conditioning purification system, filter resistance to the air, with the increase of filter dust, filter resistance will increase with the increase. When the filter dust is too much, the resistance is too high, will make the filter through the reduction of air flow, or filter parts are penetrated, so when the filter resistance increases to a certain value, the filter will be scrapped. Therefore, the use of filters, to grasp the appropriate cycle of use. In the case of no damage to the filter, the resistance is generally used to determine the service life.

To grasp the proper use cycle, we must understand the change of resistance, we must first understand the following definition:

1. rated initial resistance: initial resistance provided by filter sample, filter characteristic curve or filter test report under rated air volume.

2. design initial resistance: system design, air flow, filter resistance (should be provided by the air conditioning system designer).

3. running resistance: the operation of the system at the beginning of the filter resistance, if there is no pressure measuring instrument, it can only take the designvalue resistance as running resistance (the actual operation of the air can not be completely is the design of air);

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