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Water purifier for three stage filter core equipment


In general, in order to improve the quality of the outflow of water, people will let tap water through a lot of filter equipment, therefore, when we buy water purifiers, first of all to see is a few filters of water purifier. The water purifier of grade one and grade two has only one and two filter equipment, basically the elimination products on the market, the filtered water quality is too bad, it is best not to use. If in order to save money, can consider water purifier three filter equipment; if is to pay attention to health, safety and health, water purifier of more than four is the best choice, because when the tap water after five stage filter purification equipment, impurities, bacteria and viruses in water will be completely removed, arrived at the mouth the feeling will be very pure and sweet.

If a level three or four level filtration water purifier, PP cotton in the first filter inlet or hollow fiber, then after a period of use, must be replaced, because PP cotton and hollow fiber can not be cleaned, therefore needs to constantly change, otherwise it will cause clogging of filter equipment. But the blockage will decay, fermentation, smell, the filtered tap water by second pollution. Filter equipment

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