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Powder deposition on the surface of filter element


Method for powder filter surface cleaning the main pulse shock type, namely the compressed air through the electromagnetic valve immediately from the valve inside jet, forming a airflow on the filter device, thereby completing the cleaning of powder filter surface of powder, the influence factors and the effect of Qing Dynasty mainly there are four kinds: pressure size, gas cleaning, filter material, filter structure. If the pressure is too small to filter equipment is certainly not the powder product surface clean shock filter, filter equipment under strength capacity permits, earthquake hit pressure better, air pressure of about 5KG have set up a general coating equipment, mainly taking into account the market under conventional filter equipment ability.

Through the gas compressed air into the solenoid valve will also affect the cleaning effect, compared to the domestic filter material, imported high-quality materials and consider the powder more easily; compared with the traditional polyester fiber cloth, after surface treatment into the material in powder cleaning effect is better.

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