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Maintenance of filter equipment


The following to teach you a secret code, is to maintain the filter equipment method:

For a long time, the filter must be cleaned, the filter core is removed, cleaned and dried, sealed with plastic bags, not contaminated, the filter is cleaned and stored, not damaged.

Change the filter to be immersed in acid and alkali lotion, soaking time should not exceed 24 hours, acid base liquid temperature is generally at 25 - 50 degrees. It is suggested that 10-20% is better than acid or alkali when compared with water. The filtrate and filter high protein content of the best enzyme solution soak, good cleaning effect, and then use the update, must clean reoccupy steam disinfection, cleaning and disinfection is very important for water filter and filter drier.

Filter disinfection should pay attention to grasp the time and temperature of polypropylene in high temperature disinfection cabinet to 121 degrees is appropriate, steam sterilized in 0.1MPa steam under pressure at 130 C for /20 minutes is appropriate, polysulfone and PTFE with steam sterilization, can reach 142 DEG C and the pressure of 0.2MPa, time of Zhong Zuoyou 30 is appropriate, if the temperature too much, too long, too much pressure, will damage the filter.

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