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The function of air filter


What kind of equipment is needed for making an air cleaner?

The function of air filter, air filter is one of the important engineering machinery supporting products, it protects the engine, making Hefei special hard dust particles in the air filter, provide clean air to the engine, to prevent dust caused by engine wear, the key role of reliability and durability of the engine. Therefore, the selection and use of air filter for construction machinery engine must pay attention to the following aspects:

1. the structure and capacity of the air cleaner must meet the performance and working conditions of the engine.

2. the quality of air cleaner must meet the national inspection standard.

3. the pipe and the interface connected with the air filter must be sealed strictly, must not leak, and must ensure the reliability and durability.

4. the inlet position of air filter inlet should be located at the least dust, no rain or snow, low temperature, no hot gas and exhaust gas, and have corresponding measures.

5. the air filter must be regularly maintained and replaced.

6. in the dusty environment and areas, the use of air filters with larger capacity must be selected, and the replacement cycle of the filter should be shortened accordingly. If the above points are not paid attention to, the construction machinery will be built

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