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Rongsheng new construction machinery factory was officially put into operation


In June 28th, Chinese rshi Group Holdings Limited announced that the new construction machinery factory is located in Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone officially put into operation, the first day of excavator was successfully launched. With the new plant put into production, in the future, construction machinery as a new business growth point, will also play an important role in the group's diversified development, strengthen the RMB business strategy.

The 28 day, the first excavator driving slowly down from the production line, also means that the Chinese rshi engineering machinery sector entered a stage of development.

The new factory is located in Hefei is one of the China rshi engineering machinery plate production base, the production base of Anhui province government listed it as the "861 plan" key construction projects, the Hefei municipal government focused on the "12th Five-Year" plan to promote the project, the project covers an area of 850 acres of excavator. According to reports, the construction of the new plant has also created a new speed Rongsheng officially started in November 2010 to June 28, 2011, from the production, only 7 months time, "Rongsheng speed" will be the industry average workshop construction period is 18 months shortened to 6 months, has created a miracle in the construction industry the.

In China rshi was first established, is aware of the risks of shipbuilding industry with the economic cycle fluctuations, the development of diversified industries with high added value, profit growth is a good way to resist multiple systemic risk. According to this strategy, and in response to the Anhui province Hefei to build a "engineering machinery" industry planning policy, March 2010, China rshi established Rongsheng machinery limited company registered in Hefei "(Rongsheng machinery), mainly engaged in engineering machinery manufacturing and marketing. In the plan will be listed financing, 10% will be used for construction machinery sector

In 2010, through the acquisition of Hefei Zhenyu, Rongsheng machinery production at present 16 kinds of hydraulic excavator and two hydraulic crawler crane, in the construction of new production base at the same time, Rongsheng machinery also entered the pre development stage, will change the original foreign direct selling mode proxy, and expanded to 10, and to strengthen all-round cooperation with financial companies. Through the acquisition of quanchai group, the engineering machinery sector obtain a stable supply of engine parts. With the new plant put into operation, Rongsheng machinery will be entered a stage of development, the production capacity of the future of the new production base will have 30 thousand excavators.

The market demand of construction machinery is expected to continue to increase due to the increase of infrastructure investment by the Chinese government and the gradual implementation of some policies to promote the development of the central and Western regions. China Construction Machinery Industry Association Secretary General Su Zimeng in the recently held "2011 China engineering machinery industry development strategy forum" said that the construction machinery industry "12th Five-Year" plan has been submitted to the relevant departments of the state in this year's "51", is expected to be released in July. He pointed out, is expected to "12th Five-Year" during the construction machinery industry sales revenue will reach 900 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 17%, the export target is set at $26 billion, of which the excavator is expected in 2010 from nearly 180 thousand sales rose to 250 thousand units.

At the same time, the development of construction machinery business, will also help Chinese rshi the development of RMB business, effective against exchange rate risk. Chinese rshi President Chen Jiang said that due to the continued appreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, the company will vigorously expand domestic shipbuilding and engineering machinery business.

At present in the Chinese rshi order, quite a part is from overseas, so most of the shipbuilding contracts are denominated in dollars, while the cost is RMB by accounting, how to effectively control the exchange rate risk has been the focus of attention at present Chinese rshi, Chinese melting in the conscious Sheng heavy industries has increased RMB business expected with the engineering machinery in full swing, the future will also group income showing a trend of diversification, the renminbi and the dollars will be more balanced.
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